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Perfectly Blend Vintage & Modern Style on Your Trad With This Classic Asooke

The evolution of the asooke has been so beautiful. Especially in the world of bridal fashion, brides have continued to find new and innovative ways to rock the native attire and we’re absolutely here for that! ?

If your traditional engagement is coming up soon, then this is for you! This bridal beauty look is a perfect blend of vintage and modern and is absolutely on point for every bride that likes to stand out. The glam by makeup artist, Genovera Beauty is simply soft and alluring. We’re also crushing on the intricately styled gele by George Snip. The simple gold accessories do well to complement the overall look. If you’ve always loved to slay differently and have a unique look as you step out on your special day, then this is just for you!

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think. ?




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