We’re Completely Blown Away By This Bride’s Choreography at Her After-party!

When last did you attend a wedding party? This video will have you all gingered up and wanting to party! Now, if you’re a member of the Beyhive, then this one is going to hit even more! ?

This beautiful bride got married to the love of her life and for the after-party, she went all out! Doing a choreography of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”, this bride literally raised the roof. We can’t get over her energetic performance as she thrilled her husband and everyone in attendance. From her outfit to the dance routines, we dare say we’re crazy in love with the entire performance. The thrill went up with each passing second of the choreography as she got everyone mesmerized by her sleek moves and steps. You’ve just got to love it when brides go all the way to have their fun on their big day and this bride did not just get the memo – she wrote the memo!

We could go on and on about this because as you can tell, we’re super excited! So, we’ll let you catch on to the excitement as well. Watch the video below and be completely blown away. Enjoy!


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