You’ll Definitely Want to Watch Gladys & Joseph’s Ghanaian Wedding Video

Times may change, seasons will come and go. But one thing that will always be a constant, is our love for weddings! 😅 Today, we’re enjoying all the thrill of Gladys and Joseph’s amazing Ghanaian wedding.

Gladys and her sweetheart, Joseph got to that point where they knew it just had to be forever. So, they took their love all the way down the aisle! After traditionally tying the knot in a colourful Ghanaian wedding, they went on to exchange their vows. Both their traditional and white wedding was a burst of fun and colour. Love, happiness, and pure vibes were high on display and we absolutely love every bit of it. The bridal party sure came ready with all the ginger and one thing was sure on everybody’s list – to have a good time! Gladys and Joseph’s wedding will absolutely make your day.

Enjoy the wedding video below:



Videography: @maxwelljennings







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