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Here’s How Maid of Honour & Best Man Duties Connected Destiny & Kingsley for Life

With love, you just never know! Every time, love shows us that it really just does its thing and every time it does, no matter how many times we’ve seen it do something similar, it always is to our amazement. Destiny and Kingsley can totally relate to this unique quality of love.

The couple happened to be on a mutual friend’s bridal party. With Destiny as the maid of honour and Kingsley as the Bestman. Now, this is not exactly the meet-cute that you think it is – Destiny was not pleased with Kingsley! But then as the day progressed, the gentleman stepped up his game. Still, it wasn’t enough. But you know the thing about love? It’s relentless! You already know how it eventually went – as here we are loving on their pre-wedding shoot and drooling over their sweet chemistry. Keep scrolling to see how Destiny gives us the full scoop.

Enjoy their beautiful pre-wedding photos below:

Their love story according to Destiny:

We met at our mutual friend’s wedding. I was the maid of honour and he was the bestman. We had heard about each other way before the wedding because it was rumoured that we were all supposed to learn some dance moves that never happened.

So we met on the wedding morning. When I met him I was a bit pissed at him. He hadn’t managed the groomsmen well enough to get them ready for all the pre-arranged shots the photographer was meant to take. Hence I had an attitude.

I didn’t pay him any attention all through the day. I was even too busy to care. As the day went by, I noticed he was very concerned about how busy I was trying to ensure everything went smoothly. I hadn’t eaten and he was too concerned.

He took out time to get food and drinks for me and made me sit down to eat. Insisted on doing whatever needed to be done with me irrespective of the fact that his friends were chilling at another corner. By the end of the day, we were at a better place than we started. 😅

Even the game of truth or dare at the end of the busy day became an opportunity for him to target pairing up with me for any and everything hahaha. That ended swiftly as I left for Lagos pretty early and didn’t say goodbyes or even exchange numbers.

I don’t know how he got my numbers, but he did and kept calling my phone for months. He even enlisted the help of our newly wedded friends, who intervened and finally got me to start taking his calls.

I’m happy I did. Our friendship blossomed and now I can boldly say that it was worth the wait… He’s all I’ve wanted in a man.



Planner: @eventsbysumptous
Photography: @tosinjoshweddings
Bride-to-be’s black dress: @Rikaotobyme
Bride-to-be’s second outfit: @cocosglam
Groom-to-be’s outfit: @mr_keanvic
Hair: @hairbybube
Makeup: @zarbeautie
Bride-to-be’s Ankara dress: @lolae_atelier
Groom-to-be’s Ankara outfit: @mr_keanvic

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