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Of Family, Friendship & Love! Relish the Beauty of #TheIOaffair

When it comes to love, some of the people who are rooting for us the most are our family. This is because as much as they love us, they also know how beautiful romantic love is and want us to enjoy it too! Today, we’re basking in the beauty of love and for the #IOaffair couple, it all began with family and friendship.

Ifeanyi and Olisa met through Olisa’s sisters who were friends with Ifeanyi. One phone conversation led to many more and then ultimately, love forever. Their pre-wedding shoot is giving us all the feels of love and we’re absolutely rooting for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story as shared by Olisa.

Their love story as shared by Olisa:

In 2020, my darling sister Ebele told me about a young Nigerian doctor she met in Canada. She said nice things about her and sent me her WhatsApp DP. She knew I was so single then. 😂 Because of the distance, I was indifferent about the whole thing and I didn’t follow up.

Fast forward to 2021 and I was still single, not out of trying. 😅 My dear sister just brought her up again in a conversation and told me how pleasant and nice she was. Apparently, my big sister had that conversation with her and they both felt the same way about Ifeanyi. Not like they were sure she was single, but I gave her the go-ahead to find out.

It turned out that she had just become available, which was perfect timing. And from the first day we spoke on the phone, it was perfect. Subsequently, I realised that this is it and more for me. I never looked back because the thought of not hearing her voice alone became unthinkable, not to talk about the positive influence she has had on my life. Literally the sweetest being I ever met!



Planner: @ahmaazon_events
Photography: @georgefaleye
Makeup: @glambysaudat

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