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Falling in Love Was Super Easy For Ifeoluwa & Abiodun – Enjoy Their Pre-Wedding Photos & Love Story

It will always fascinate us how easy it can be to fall in love the moment you meet that special someone. Today, we are seizing the opportunity to celebrate these lovebirds, Ifeoluwa and Abiodun.

They say love comes with certainty and when these lovers met, Abiodun knew where he wanted the relationship to lead. For Ifeoluwa, what she thought was all a tactic, led to this beautiful relationship they have built for themselves. Now, they’re headed for the altar and are giving our daily love dose with their pre-wedding photos. These sweethearts are no doubt smitten and we know you will love their photos as much as we do!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below;

Their love story as shared by Ifeoluwa

When Biodun and I just started talking, he told me that he already had a destination for where ‘this’ would end up but he’s willing to go through the process that leads up to that destination and be patient with me, for as long as I would take. I thought he was jumping the gun and was just an unnecessarily ‘proud’ person who wanted to skip the ‘talking stage’. So, I decided I was going to pay no attention but oh boy! He made it so easy to fall in love with him.

Everything leading up to this moment in our lives has been divinely orchestrated by God and I would never have asked for a better partner because there’s no one else I’ll rather do forever with. There is nothing more attractive than a love that exhibits patience and kindness which grows from a place of conviction and certainty. That is what Biodun has shown me. PS: The first song Biodun played for me was ‘Start of Something Good’ by Daughtry and I love it so much. 💖


Photography: @bayofarayolaphotography
Makeup: @kelzshadowstudio

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