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Igbo Brides Need to See This Bridal Beauty!

We promised to showcase all things wedding including our traditional ceremonies, we can say that we are doing a good job on this. That’s why we have this Igbo traditional beauty look so our Igbo brides-to-be or a makeup artist with an Igbo bride client can be inspired on how to have a stunning look for the traditional ceremony.

Following the trend of brides going for a subtle natural glam even for the traditional wedding, this bridal inspiration by Sleek Beauty Shop is not left out. The choice of a natural glossy lip colour with a soft brow while taking on a bit of colour to the eye area and green under-eye liner plus voluminous lashes sealed the deal for this beauty look. As usual, the full beauty of the look is brought out when paired with the wedding attire and accesories such as the coral beads.

Love this look, tell us why in the comments.


Belle: @amakanosike
Makeup: @sleekbeautyshop
Beads: @sabelleconcepts
Hair: @jovoria_beauty
Photography: @chimepixel

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