Irene & Richmond’s White Wedding was a Show of Love in a Fun Atmosphere!

What’s not to love about a wedding ceremony? The sweet show of love in a fun atmosphere will always remain a favourite.  Today, we bring highlights from Irene and Richmond’s beautiful white wedding that took place in Ghana.

Irene slayed her gorgeous wedding dress gracefully and Richmond looked sharp in his white custom suit. Every moment from the morning prep where the couple exchanged gifts with their squad, down to the reception where they danced their hearts out was indeed special!

One major highlight for us was Richmond’s reaction as they exchanged vows. We certainly can’t get over the goofiness. They took the party to their lovely reception and we really loved the all-white themed reception decor. The bridal squad gave us an interesting dance show and the couple came up with maximum energy on the dance floor. Irene and Richmond had such a beautiful wedding and we know you will love every bit of their wedding video!

Enjoy their wedding video below:

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