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This Pristine Beauty Look is Perfect For the Modern Igbo Bride

Times are changing and as with this evolution, the world of fashion, including bridal fashion is evolving with it. While culture remains mostly the same, there sure is refining that comes in making things even more beautiful while maintaining that glorious heritage.

Today, we’ve got this traditional bridal beauty look for you that gives that modern touch while maintaining the solid and rich heritage of the Igbo culture. The glam by Isabel Makeover is absolutely pristine and fab. We’re loving the nude effect that gives the look a natural feel while making it pop at the same time. The simple curly bun hairstyle by Desiire Hairs is worth loving. The Isiagu outfit is totally befitting for a modern Igbo bride. If you’re yet to decide on a look for your trad, then  you’re in the right place1

Check out the beautiful photos below and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.



Makeup: @isabelmakeover
Hair: @desiirehairs
Accessories: @tophertonyjewelry
Photography: @officialbigdealweddings
Outfit: @yujayclassics
Belle: @ben_nita

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