This Traditional Styled Shoot Is Showing You How To Rock Your Isiagu With Style

The idea of tradition in the first place is doing the same thing that is accustomed to a set of people. Therein also, lies the beauty. A shared and common ideal. However, tradition also allows for uniqueness and creativity.

We’re saying a big Yes to this traditional styled shoot. The Isiagu is blended perfectly with the contemporary flair of new school fashion. The muse looks so regal and fierce with the glam by Zeelicious fairy. We def love the bold red lippie. If your traditional wedding is coming up soon, then you should check out this styled shoot. Picture you and the love of your life twinning with the traditional attire, as you are joined together for life! What better way to celebrate love and culture whilst remaining hip and trendy?!

Check out the full looks of the styled shoot below. We’re so loving it and we bet you will too!



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