When Love Meets Culture! Enjoy Felicity & James’ Beautiful Ghanaian Wedding

We would always maintain that one of the best blends to ever exist is that of love and culture. How different cultures celebrate the beautiful phenomenon that is love always leaves a sweet taste. And today, we get to enjoy all of that sweetness, the Ghanaian way… all thanks to Felicity and James.

The lovebirds found love in each other’s arms and took it down forever lane. With friends, family and well-wishers present, the two tied the knot in a vibrant Ghanaian traditional wedding ceremony. The beauty of culture was brought to display and we simply can’t get enough of all the joy and fun present.

Felicity was an absolutely beautiful Ghanaian bride and her sweetheart, James came through clean and suave. The bridal party was surely not caught lacking either… from their style to the vibes. You surely want to take all of this beauty and excitement in yourself.

Enjoy Felicity and James’ beautiful wedding video below.



Videography: @scoboshotit

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