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Got Your Trad Coming Soon? Here’s an Igbo Beauty Look You’ll Love!

One thing to not compromise on your big day is your wedding glam and look.

Do you know why? You’d be looking at your photos forever and you will be seeing just how you looked. Plus, you want to walk down the aisle looking stunning.

This beauty look by makeup artist, JokieDashMakeovers and hair by Beebeauty Hair Artistry is just perfect for an Igbo bride on her big day. From the coral beads to the royal Isiagu and the matching accessories,  this look will have you walking in like a million bucks on your big day.




Hairstyling: @beebeauty_hairartistry
Dress: @princessgrace_asooke
Photography: @oap_studios | @oap_weddings

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