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A Friend’s Sleek Set-up + a Business Conversation = #TheStrawberries21

No matter how much we talk about and celebrate love, it can never be enough! Love makes the world go round and beautiful love stories always brighten the day. Today is for love birds, Olufunsho & Adewunmi. 

This is where we first pause to give a shout out to friends who make it a point of duty to connect us to our soul mates! Olufunsho & Adewunmi’s mutual friend was a subtle instrument in bringing these two together. It all started with a voice call and a not-so coincidental meet up. For Olufunsho, it was just another opportunity to get a business deal but Adewunmi sure had something else in mind. 🤭 Now, it’s a forever thing with #TheStrawberries21. Olufunsho gives us the full scoop on how she and the love of her life got together and it is guaranteed to make you smile! Their pre-wedding shoot is also worth drooling over and their chemistry is simply adorable.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Their love story as told by Olufunsho:

A friend of mine was on a voice call and had asked me to say hello. Whilst doing that, someone else introduced himself as Ade and complimented my voice and mentioned he hoped to meet someday soon. I didn’t put much thought into it.

Fast forward a few months later, I was back in Lagos. The same friend came visiting and asked that I dropped her off somewhere. I did that, and boom, Ade happened to be there! Set up, I thought to myself. This man wouldn’t stop staring and asking if I was shy. Bruh! Stop staring already.

As a sharp girl, I jumped into serious conversations about business. I even offered to sell his shoe products at a commission (baby girl had to stack up the coins as I was job hunting at that time).

Soon, our business conversations turned into relationship conversations. This man said I was his wife and we had to make it work. Eh, God! E shock me! No harm in trying, they say. We became official on my birthday, January 17 and we’ve basically been doing life together. Two imperfect humans being intentional towards each other.

It’s been almost 5 years of riding and this guy still Tops the charts of the most annoying yet amazing partner ever. Our friendship trips me always and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. The Yin to my Yang. This guy always stays calm even when I have set the roof on fire.

I’m more than blessed to do life with you and I couldn’t have wished for a more qualified partner. Let’s break boundaries, explore the world, stack up our billions and make beautiful babies! 🤤



Bride-to-be: @olufunsho__
Groom-to-be: @_a.ade_
Planner: @tanachevents
Photography: @ucwills_studios
Makeup: @__tinamac
Hair: @atikebydemibeautyhub
Bride’s Outfits: @beevee_emporium
Groom’s suit: @jreason_
Agbada: @babatunde_lygoss
Shoes: @overallspremiumbrandslagos

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