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Chioma & Saliu ‘s Sweet Love Was Written in The Stars! Enjoy Their Pre-wedding Photos

Sometimes, when we least expect, Cupid shows us bearing the most perfect gift. In Chioma and Saliu’s case, it came right in time for Christmas five years ago.

Saliu had always wondered about the odds of finding a Nigerian soulmate in Scotland where he grew up… but love was certainly working something behind the scenes. It literally brought Chioma to his doorstep and with open arms, Saliu embraced the beginning of a perfect fairytale.

We can hear the jolly sounds of wedding bells and we are so excited for them as they embark on their forever journey. Their pre-wedding photos are nothing short of beautiful and they will certainly add a truckload of sweetness to your day! We can hear the jolly sounds of wedding bells and we are so excited! Their pre-wedding photos are nothing short of beautiful and they will certainly add a truckload of sweetness to your day!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Saliu:

Growing up as a Nigerian in Inverness, Scotland, I never in a million years expected to find my wife there – it’s not exactly a place filled with others of my background. However, In 2017, after finishing my master’s programme, I moved to Surrey, England where I began my career. But every Christmas, I would unfailingly come back to spend the season in Inverness with my family. I knew where I’d be every Sunday – my parents pastor a church in the town. It was here, on 22 December 2019, that I first laid my eyes on her… I’ll never forget the moment… I had seen beauty before, but nothing like this. I specifically remember feeling my heart skip a beat the moment I saw her. Our eyes locked, and I couldn’t help but let out a sheepish smile, to which she reciprocated.

Who was this stunning girl who had somehow ended up here? Well, Chioma (hailing from Abuja) had spent the last five years studying pharmacy in Aberdeen, Scotland. For her first year of practice, she was posted to my hometown of Inverness (of all places). Chioma had very recently started attending the church, and it was just another Sunday for her. Ever playing it cool, I didn’t approach her after the service, but I had a feeling the right opportunity would come. However, I would later learn that she certainly ‘noticed’ me ‘noticing’ her. As a newbie to town, Chioma didn’t have family or many friends around. As was the custom, my parents would invite to our home anyone in the church who didn’t have people to spend Christmas Day with.

I had my chance. It was here that we actually talked for the first time. The conversation was easy, and flowing, and it felt like we had been waiting forever to speak to each other. Little did we know we had both received the most special Christmas gifts of both of our lives. We saw each other a few more times over that Christmas period. But between those meetings, we spent every moment getting to know each other more. You know how it goes: the texts graduate to voice notes, which evolve into phone calls, which mature into video calls. Something was happening. Alas, I had to travel back to Surrey to resume work. Chioma was of course disappointed I was leaving, thinking this burgeoning romance would fizzle out. But I was completely calm.

You see, our meeting was no coincidence. From Abuja to Aberdeen… to Inverness… to attending the same church… and finally in front of my eyes… It’s clear to see how God orchestrated our meeting. I told her not to worry. I knew I would see her again very soon – somewhere, somehow. I knew we had no choice but to make it work. Today, I am grateful to say that Chioma is my wife.


Bride: @chiioma__n
Photography: @deximaphotography
Planner: @j.bassevents
Makeup: @dyanbeauty__

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