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A Wedding and an Instagram DM – Here’s How Temilade and Babawale Came To Be!

If we had a list for the ‘top places to find love’, weddings and social media would definitely be part of that list. Now, when both of them form an alliance to create your love story, you’ve got to agree with us that it was meant to be!

Babawale saw the beautiful Temilade at her cousin’s wedding and was lovestruck. Though they didn’t get a chance to talk that day, Cupid had something else up its sleeves. Shortly after the wedding, Temilade slid into Babawale’s DM to ask for a video she saw on his Instagram story… and voila, sparks began to fly!

Now, it’s love on #TemiWale23 and we are super pumped! The big smiles and unmistakable chemistry in their pre-wedding photos show how head over heels in love these two are. Their beautiful story has made our day and we bet it will make yours too.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Babawale:

In the enchanting month of April 2021, amidst the joyful celebration of her cousin’s wedding, fate bestowed upon me an unforgettable encounter with Temilade. Amongst a sea of guests, she stood out like a beacon of elegance and beauty, catching my eye from afar. Though we didn’t exchange words during the festivities, little did I know that our paths were destined to intertwine in the most unexpected way.

Shortly after the wedding, a delightful surprise awaited me in the digital realm. Temilade slid into my DM asking to send videos from my Instagram story. As a sharp guy that I am, I took advantage of the moment and that gesture sparked the beginning of a beautiful connection that was about to unfold. As days turned into nights, we found ourselves immersed in captivating conversations, and an extraordinary friendship took root and flourished. Every day brought new discoveries, as we marveled at how effortlessly we complemented each other. Taiwo, Temi’s cousin had also spoken highly of me to Temi. I was really bursting her brains .😀

Temi agreed to be my girlfriend in September 2021 and we embarked on a journey filled with shared experiences, laughter, and growth. Her appreciation for my intentionality and unwavering consistency warmed my heart. Her heartfelt expressions of gratitude made my efforts feel cherished. In December 2022, with joy in her eyes, she sealed our destiny by saying “yes to forever” to the love we both felt so deeply.

Our love story unfolded like a heavenly symphony. To me, she became the “diamond of the first waters,” a rare and precious gem that brought a sense of purpose and meaning to my life. With her by my side, every day felt like a blessing, and the future held limitless promise. Temilade is the embodiment of my dreams come true, and I find myself overjoyed at the prospect of sharing a lifetime of love, laughter, and growth with her. In her, I have found a partner who completes me in ways I never thought possible. Our love story is a testament to the magic of destiny and the beauty of two hearts finding solace in one another. As we continue on this remarkable journey together, I am filled with excitement and hope for the adventures that lie ahead.


Couple’s stylist: @theperlaco
Makeup: @atikebydemi
Bride’s outfits: @bridespossecloset
Groom’s white outfit: @curban_place
Groom’s black outfit: @davidwej
Planner @events_by_aisha
Photography @jewel_shot_it

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