Diana Gets Her Perfect Fairytale With Bright & It’s Thanks to Her Brother!

Sometimes, you are just going about your daily activities completely unaware of the fact that love is whipping up something magical in the background. Diana and Bright are our lovebirds for today and their sweet story will make you smile.

It all began during a family function and as Diana went around attending to guests, she caught her brother’s friend’s undivided attention. Before Bright shot his shot, he spoke to Diana’s brother who helped with the matchmaking. These two formed a connection and became inseparable as the days went by. Now, it’s love in the air as they say seal their love beautiful white wedding.

Diana made a radiant bride and we can’t help but love her bridal glow. Bright also came through looking dapper. They came through with their energy and all-around vibes that left us in awe. Their wedding photos exude pure love and happiness and we are super stoked for them!

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Diana:

It was my brother’s wife’s birthday party and as usual, I was casually dressed not expecting anything out of the ordinary as everyone invited where family and close friends of the family. I went about my serving duties not that I’m complaining that I have to always serve and attend to my brothers’ numerous friends and listen to all their jokes and silly comments at each other. I always enjoyed their company as it was never a dull moment but none of them ever caught my attention.  However, this day was special. There was a new friend, he noticed me and then kept disturbing my brother for my number without my knowledge and as usual my brother refused.

Here for all the beauty!

The following year during my nephew’s birthday, we were all at my brother’s house and he ensured he attended so he could meet me again. What an ambitious man! While going about my usual routine of attending to guests and family, my brother called me. I walked up to him and there was this smiling face staring directly at me. I gave him a stern look as if I wasn’t in any good place to smile or chat with any male following the bad relationship I just ended.

Besides, my brother the protector was standing there and wouldn’t tolerate me and his friend giggling. I walked up to my brother expecting him to send me on an errand but instead, he introduced me to this friend, this smiling friend, this one must be special, but why now…. I am not mentally ready right now. My brother acted all nice and smiling as he walked away and gave us room to get acquainted. We exchanged names and numbers, but immediately, I told him not to keep his hopes high that I wasn’t ready for any serious relationship. He asked why and I told him about my experience. He said he’ll bring me out of that mood and he will marry me right away. That statement made me laugh so hard that I forgot I was in a family gathering.
Bright made a dapper groom!
We got talking, asked questions about ourselves, exchanged numbers, and became friends. He didn’t stop calling and never gave up asking me to date him and give him a chance. We became very close friends and then best friends. I could call him to tell him anything and he did the same. Weeks ran into months and over a year, I finally said yes to him and we started dating. Since then I just can’t go a day without talking to him, jeez! There’s always just this special way I feel after speaking to him, and even after 2 years I still feel the same way. I never hesitated a second when he asked me to marry him, the yes I shouted a resounding yes to last for eternity… and here I am with my best friend today. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Let’s begin the ceremony with the bridal entrance
Time to be joined in holy matrimony
Now joined together as one!
It’s wedding reception o’clock!
It’s giving beauty over dose!
Lovebirds coming through!
Can’t get enough of the lovebirds!
The sweet mother-son dance
Always dad’s princess
Dancing to the sweet tunes of love
It’s about to be a lit after-party
It’s all fun from here!

Bride @dy_annah_
Planner @trinitysignatures
Makeup @dinmadream
Robe @nyore.eroyn
Wedding dress @nyore.eroyn
Hairstylist @sunnybeautysolution
Hair @hairclan_ng
Bridal Stylist @nyore.eroyn
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