Jumai and Akintayo’s Traditional Wedding was a Fine Blend of Culture

Like always, we never get tired of celebrating love across states and tribes.

Jumai fondly known as the @shendamprincess from Jos got married to her forever love, Akintayo traditionally in the very heart of Lagos. It was an incredibly beautiful celebration. We can tell that by just looking through the pictures, you’ll feel like you were present at the wedding. When it came to their style game, Jumai made her first appearance in a blue outfit showing off her roots while Akintayo fully represented his tribe in his blue Asooke Agbada. After the traditional ceremony, Jumai switched up her look to respent her husband’s root in a peach ensemble.

Come on guys, let’s enjoy every bit of the #ASureFire wedding. We also have their white wedding up here.




Bride: @shendamprincess
Groom: @aktsanwoolu
Photography: @akintayotimi
Planner: @marcusmith_events

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