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Fate Brought Jummy and Dapo Together! It’s #DJlovestory2023

One thing we are certain about when it comes to love is the fact that when two people are meant to be, love will always find a way to bring them together.

The first time Jummy met Dapo, she was uninterested in having any relationship with him. Dapo on the other hand knew that he had found someone special and he was so certain that she was going to be his wife. After one whole year of ignoring Dapo, fate brought them together at a birthday party and at that moment, it just felt right. Now, they are taking the forever train and they are giving us so much sweetness to drool over. They look so perfect together and you can’t miss the love glow as you scroll. 🥰

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Jummy:

In December 2018, I showed up to a fun night out to celebrate a friend’s proposal at a local club in Dallas. I showed up to the section with the future bride and my girls, and Dapo showed up with his boys, as he is friends with the future groom. The entire night I was with my friends dancing and enjoying the celebration, I remember seeing Dapo and the other single guys going from girl to girl and I coined them “Awon boys” just jumping from pillar to post. After the outing, we all decided to keep the night going and we ended up at another location.


It was at that location that Dapo finally took a second to calm down and he noticed me. Of course, I was uninterested, but he tried hard to shoot his shot. He even waited outside with me in the rain as I waited for my Uber to arrive. He collected my phone number and that was the beginning of this journey. He reached out after that night and other instances but I was uninterested. In July 2019, I got a text from a foreign number as I never saved it. In that text, after going back and forth and making Dapo reintroduce himself (First and Last name of course) he said and I quote “You will be my wife I have that strong conviction.” He told me “You wait and see. I’ll remind you.”


In my head, I was like what nonsense but also “ENERGY.” After a while with my lack of response, Dapo stopped messaging. Fast forward to November 2019, I was invited to a surprise birthday of the same friend that got engaged back in December 2018 and I just knew Ayodapo was going to be there. Me being an early bird, I arrived on time to meet the surprise and enjoy the event. Several strange faces came in and out but not the face I was interested in seeing. Eventually, he walked in and on the inside, I was so happy to see him. We got talking that evening and the rest was history. We have spent every single day together since!


Bride-to-be @jumokeajenikoko
Groom-to-be @adidapson
Photography @akintayotimi
Makeup @belle_bedazzled

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