Kandie’s Pink-themed Bridal Shower Was Everything She Had Always Wanted!

As a bride-to-be, one of the many joys that come with getting ready for the big day is all the memories you get to create with your homegirls as you make preparations. Then that special day set aside with just you and your girls having all the fun? It’s pure bliss!

Kandie had a pink-themed bridal shower and it was everything she had dreamed it to be! Having her friends by her side, showering her with gifts and having good fun through the night, Kandie sure had a blast! The joy in the photos just radiates and is super contagious – you’ll be smiling through it. Kandie shares how the day went for her. Keep scrolling to see.

Enjoy the pink-themed bridal shower with the photos below.

Here’s how Kandie describes her bridal shower:

My bridal shower was everything I had always wanted; pink themed, very intimate and so much fun. My girls looked stunning in their matching tulle outfits, there was a virtual session for my girls who couldn’t make it and they wore their outfits too. 🥰 It was an extremely beautiful and emotional time spent with my girls being as crazy as we wanted, playing games and turning up. My girls surprised me with gifts and we created memories that will last forever!



Bride-to-be: @kandielicious
Dresses: @lueur___
Makeup: @maq_jose
Photography: @mainstreamvisuals
Planner: @_theevent_ 

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