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Bola & Femi’s 9th Wedding Anniversary Shoot has us in the Christmas Spirit!

What’s sweeter than getting married to the love of your life? Growing and spending the rest of your lives together, hitting milestone after milestone! We’re super elated today, as we take in the thrill of Bola and Femi‘s Anniversary shoot.

Femi and Bola have been friends for fourteen years and counting and are celebrating 9 beautiful years of marital bliss with two beautiful kids in between! We’re absolutely loving their anniversary wedding shoot and the Christmas theme is setting us in high spirits! Femi gave us a little insight into their love and what has kept them going. Keep scrolling to read it all.

Enjoy the photos from the shoot below.

How did you meet? Take us down memory lane

We met on the phone through a mutual friend. I heard my beautiful wife’s voice in the background while speaking to her friend, and immediately I was captivated by her voice. I asked for her number but she did not give it to me. She took mine instead. After a few weeks of not hearing from her, I slid into her DM on Facebook. Then we began talking from there. I took her on a date about 6 months later and in the middle of the date, I told her that she is my wife and asked if she could dance with me at the restaurant. She declined the dance and ghosted me for about a year for saying that she would be my wife. God always brought us back together. It took a couple more years before we made it official but once we did, the rest was history.

Asides from love, what would you say has kept your marriage strong?

It has really been God since we met, and He has been the one since we got married! He is at the centre of it all and we do not do anything without Him. Additionally, we are each other’s best friends. Other factors that have kept our marriage strong are communication, empathetic listening and genuinely supporting one another.

What’s one valuable life lesson you didn’t know until you were married?

I learnt that marriage will humble you if you allow it. It gives you an opportunity to know your ideas are not absolute and your partner is better in areas you are not. If you work well with each other through those differences, then you have a better chance to maximize the family unit.

They say change is inevitable. So, what would you say is different about your partner, 9 years after your big day.

Through our years of marriage, we have both grown spiritually and more open to changes that are outside our norm and comfort zone. We are two different personalities, I am an extrovert and my wife is an introvert but we have adopted creative ways of communicating and understanding each other. We have mastered each other’s love language and we pay close attention to each other’s needs, changes and concerns.

How would you describe your 9 years together in one sentence?

It’s been productive, blissful and spiritually guided.

What does love mean to you then and now?

Prior to marriage love meant the typical responsibilities such as going to work, making money and paying bills, it was a social status norm that needed to occur. That’s how traditionally we are taught to convey love. Today, love means living a fulfilling life with the wife that God has destined for me. Having the honour and privilege of taking care of somebody’s daughter. Waking up next to my rib and fulfilling my purpose while she is fulfilling hers as well. Doing life together, day after day, year after year. Love also means making a positive impact in the world, together! Our love now allows the use of gifts, interest, and maximizing each other’s potential.



Couple: @eemweddings | @gfemspeaks
Photography: @zoomworx
Videography: @stuntmediaproduction
Makeup: @lizzy_b_queen

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