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Meeting at a Friend’s Wedding Led to Kemi & Femi’s Love Journey

Again, weddings are a sure spot to meet a lover.

Kemi and Femi‘s love story began in 2017 at a mutual friend’s wedding. From arriving earlier to meeting the best man, eating all of his plantain and random happenings that birthed this moment we have now. You’d surely enjoy every bit of their pre-wedding shoot and love story. Even though they are yet to agree on who made the first move, one thing is for sure, they are excited to be doing life together.

See their pre-wedding shoot and love story.


Here’s how it all started according to Kemi:

I visited Nigeria in May 2017  for a mutual friend’s (Toye) wedding. I flew to Abuja on Thursday, a day before the scheduled engagement and I was told that the best man would be arriving the next day. On Friday morning, I got a call from a mutual friend (Kunle) to come to the hotel suite to meet him. When I got there, Kunle was with Femi and he introduced me to the best man (Femi). Femi and I hit it off straight away with conversations about lots. We had some good laughs while I shared my fun experience about my night out in Abuja.

Femi ordered some noodles and plantain for breakfast and for some weird reason he allowed me a stranger he just met that morning to eat all his plantain while he ate the noodles.

I went back to my hotel room after that. When it was time to leave for the engagement, I ended up in the same car as Femi and I took his phone from him to add myself on his Snapchat (Femi would say I was the one that made the first move but in my defense, I just wanted to see someone from the bridal party’s snaps about the wedding). The next day we ended up sitting next to each other at the wedding after-party and Femi gave me his chilled Hennessy while he had to settle for my warm Hennessy (In my head I was like this guy is so nice! First, he offered me his food yesterday and today he gave me his chilled drink!).

We went back to the hotel in the same car and said bye to each other. The next day Femi had a morning flight back to Lagos and I had an afternoon flight back to Lagos. Femi saw my snap about going back to Lagos and he sent a message that he thought I was returning to London from Abuja. Since I was going to be in Lagos for a few more days, he asked for my number because he wanted me to attend his birthday party in 2 days (which means he officially made the first move).

 I was in Lagos for 5 days after that but each time we tried to meet up something always came up. I went back to London on Saturday and for some weird reason, I texted Femi that I was in London even though I never told him when I was leaving Lagos! That text was the beginning of our forever story and the rest is history.



Photography: @jopstudios

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