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Watch Kessiana & Jide’s Beautiful #BNBling Moment

Proposals are just sweet beautiful moments to be a part of.

Jide popped the big question to his lover, Kessiana and every part of it was beautiful. From thoughtful details like a photographic trip down memory lane to a violinist. Damola knew what she wanted.
We got to see the moment through the eyes of Kessiana’s twin sister, Eku Edewor. See the video below:




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#EkuEdewor shared on Facebook: I had the privilege of playing a small part in helping my future brother-in-law propose to my sister! Kessiana @edworthorley. Jide produced the most amazing experience to accompany his ask. It happened the day they met a year later and where they met! (*thanks for sorting @amishach1). There were flowers (@flowershopcafelagos) a photographic trip down memory lane, DJ and even a violinist. Your favourite rom-com could never! There was a special spot for our best friend Nika who passed away last year. The thought that went into this was so detailed that I’m 100 per cent certain not only of this man’s love, but his understanding of my sister and she deserves to be loved like this! All I had to do was get her there, the only thing that could have blown my cover was that not only did I do my sister’s makeup and nails, I also blow-dried and straightened her hair all under the guise of we’ve fallen off because of COVID. She was so surprised and soo happy, no one deserves this more. My sister is getting married!!

 Photography @lumimorgan Video @ekuedewor #BellaNaijaWeddings

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