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Yoruba Brides-to-be, You Should Totally Pin This Soft & Elegant Beauty Look!

The Yoruba culture is one that embodies elegance and style. So, as a Yoruba bride-to-be, it is only normal that you want to come through representing in all your full Yoruba bridal glory. Yet to find a look to helo you smash that goal? Well, we’ve got your back!

This traditional bridal beauty look exudes smoothness and allure. The soft glam by Lade’s Touch has us drooling over its alluring smoothness. Adufe Gele came through with the stylish “Fan” gele style and it does absolute justice to this look. The simple yet classy asooke sums up everything about this look to 100% If you’re yet to settle on a look for your big day, then this is for you!

Check out the photos below and be sure to share your thoughts with us. You can also catch more beauty looks here.



Makeup: @lades_touch
Gele: @adufegele
Accessories: @eshologe

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