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It’s A Bestie Circle! Check out Linda & Chinedu’s Love Story + Pre-wedding Photos

The most amazing thing about meeting new people is how much promise such meetings hold. From Hi’s to “Yes” to “I do”!

That’s the beautiful tale of Linda and Chinedu who are on the wave of the beautiful forever journey. After hearing so much about him, Linda got to experience those sweet testimonies of Chinedu by herself. And now, they are super excited to do life together. Keep scrolling to see their beautiful love story and pre-wedding photos!

The Bride’s Tale...
So I had heard of him in conversation a few times, over the past 4 years, as one of my best friends was dating his best friend, but we had never met. My sister was to get married and I was inviting my bestie’s fiancé. I kept wondering if I should give her fiancé two access cards since she was out of town. After lots of deliberation, I called my bestie to ask what she thought and she was like “yeah give him two access cards; he’s thinking of coming with his friend Chinedu”.
Fast forward to the day of the wedding… we were so late, things got super busy, somehow, I lost the knife for cutting the cake and went outside to look for it. As I walked outside, I saw my bestie’s bae (BB) and Chinedu. We exchanged pleasantries, I found out they were on their way out. BB got a phone call and stepped away for a minute. In the meantime, there was nothing Chinedu did not ask me! Before they left, we exchanged numbers and IG accounts. He later added me on IG(the service was bad at the venue) but then didn’t send me a message or call and I thought to myself, “he’s not keeping the same energy.” I didn’t say anything and did not hit him up either.
On my birthday a few days later, he sent me a DM and tried to make some small talk. On his birthday two weeks later, I wished him the same. The whole time, I kept praying against awkward moments since we were going to be in bestie and BB’s wedding in a month.
Anyways, the day came and I was forming! I legit acted like I had never met him before. Meanwhile, on the side, I was telling my friends that I didn’t understand why so many babes kept going to meet him! At this point, the wedding was halfway over and we had maybe only waved “hi” to each other.
Bouquet toss time…I caught the bouquet! My friend and BB did something interesting in this part of their reception. They called the single guys to the front and essentially paired us up with whoever they thought would be a good fit. I was first, they paired Chinedu and me up and the rest is history. We have spoken every day since. I still make fun of him for not calling me!! He maintains that he was planning on talking to me before the wedding was over (that’s neither here nor there).
There are so many amazing things about this man that I would not even know where to start. I did not believe in destiny and was somewhat unsure about soul mates until I met this guy and I cannot wait to do life with him!
Photography: @mindmazephotograpy
Makeup: @_aniiiee

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