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Chidinma & Chigozie Went From Being Course-mates to Being Soulmates!

If you ask us what’s more beautiful than love, with so much confidence, our answer will be ‘absolutely nothing!’ It’s so amazing how love knows just the right time to show up and create a perfect fairytale.

Chidinma and Chigozie were course-mates in the university but were yet strangers. Fast forward to some years later, love created a safe space for them in the new city they found themselves in. Now, they are in their own world basking in all the sweetness that love brings.  Their pre-wedding photos are a breath of fresh air and we can’t stop drooling over all the chemistry radiating from them. We bet you’ll be smiling as you scroll through.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Chidinma:

We initially met at the university during our undergraduate degree program. We were course-mates and we occasionally saw each other in class. Our friendship did not begin in school but Chigo admired me from a distance. We both moved to Canada in 2018, and he reached out to me once he realized I was in Canada. We began talking and eventually cultivated a beautiful friendship. After a while feelings grew, priorities aligned, and the rest they say is history.


Makeup @doechee
Photography @damimanuels

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