Lisa & Oluwayomi were Meant to be! Enjoy Their White Wedding + Love Story

They say when two hearts are destined for each other, everything aligns to bring them together and we can’t argue this. Lisa and Oluwayomi are giving us so much joy with their beautiful love story and we’re absolutely rooting for them.

After their colourful Edo – Yoruba trad, the love birds exchanged their vows in an all so beautiful white wedding ceremony in Georgia with friends, family, and loved ones present to witness their joy. It was a truly happy affair with Lisa looking every bit a dazzling bride and her sweetheart, Oluwayomi coming through dapper and suave as well.

From the morning prep to the heartwarming first look, that emotional walk down the aisle, the ceremony, and reception… there were so many beautiful moments from the #AdeToRemember white wedding and we’re taking it all in! You certainly want to do the same. Their love story as shared by the couple will also have you smiling from ear to ear.

Enjoy their lovely wedding photos and beautiful love story below.

Their love story as shared by Lisa:

Back in 2015, God gave me a detailed revelation about Yomi, who was just my Instagram follower at the time (I still don’t remember how I even followed him). It was weird because I had never met him in real life at this point. But I had to be obedient to the Lord and deliver the message, lol. So I sent it in the DM. It was literally a paragraph, but he claims it was an essay, lol. Fast forward to 2017. I was in a place of deep prayer after countless disappointments and heartbreaks. I told God that I could not enter 2018 without a proper sign from him concerning who my spouse is.

I was serving at my church and devoting my time to God. Yomi’s older cousin Titi, who happens to be my mentor, mentioned she had a cousin who was single. She mentioned that it was Yomi and that he told her about the DM that I sent him. In November of 2017, I went on a month-long fast and literally was asking God for a sign every day, lol (ya girl was PRESSED).

The first week of the fast I get a message from a young lady on Instagram, and she prophesied my wedding colours (which I had told no one), so I knew that was God. By the second week, I get a call from one of my big sisters in Houston (Jennifer) stating that she saw my name and Yomi’s name appearing together and she believed that he was my husband. I continued to pray. December 31st came; I woke up that morning still hopeful that God would answer my prayers.

All hands on deck for the star of the moment…

By 5 PM that same day I got a message from Yomi on Instagram saying how that revelation that I sent two years prior resonated with him and how he would love to be my friend. I knew instantly that was my sign and that he really didn’t want to be my friend, lol. We hung out at Piedmont Park in January of 2018, about two weeks after, and the rest is history. God brought us together. He wrote our love story.

Let’s check out the groom and his squad as well…

Here’s Yomi’s side of the story:

While living my bachelor life in 2015, I received this weird random message (more like an essay) from Lisa on Instagram. My response was very short because I wasn’t too sure how to respond to her. I also wasn’t interested in dating at the time. So, I was not entertaining any opportunities to get to know anyone.

Fast-forward to about 1.5 years later… Still living my bachelor life, my cousin Titi mentioned that I should definitely consider a young lady at her church. As soon as Titi mentioned her name was Lisa, my mind quickly recalled the strange message that Lisa sent to me. I simply responded to my cousin that I didn’t think Lisa was my type.

Now, the first look…

Over the next couple of months, I started observing Lisa more on Instagram, and I was quickly interested in getting to know her more. On December 31, 2017, I was ready to make my first move on Lisa. I slid into Lisa’s DMs and told her I would like to get to know her better. I shared my number, and we started texting ever so often.

Through the many conversations, Lisa and I had, I was truly convinced that this beautiful woman had a passion for God. Both of us were working with the youth at our church, so it was exciting to know we shared some of the same interests. I was now even more interested in getting to know Lisa and who God created her to be. In the winter of 2018, we decided to begin our courtship after both of us fasted and prayed. The rest is history.

Now let the ceremony begin!

Here comes the bride…

Now the vow exchange…

It’s reception O’clock!

Make way for the latest couple!

Oluwayomi has got a surprise for Lisa…

To the magic of the first dance…

The precious daddy-daughter moment…

Wit love, it’s always a celebration!