Lola and Hamza’s Yoruba Trad Was The Perfect Burst of Love and Culture

Every day, we are reminded of the fact that this phenomenon called love is such a powerful force. Today, we’ve got Lola and Hamza, and their sweet story is proof that there are no barriers when it comes to true love.

Hamza won his friend’s sister’s heart, and they tied the knot in a colourful Yoruba traditional wedding. It is no news that Yorubas have a knack for throwing beautiful weddings and the #Halo23 wedding was nothing short of that.

Lola rocked her green asooke outfit like a queen and Hamza nailed that regal slay in his agbada.  They were surrounded by family and friends and the love that filled the air was palpable. It was such a delight seeing the rich display of culture at this wedding. Get ready for an exciting ride with the #Halo23 wedding!

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below:

Have you seen a gorgeous bride today?  😍

Check out the dapper groom!

Let’s take in the beauty of the lovely decor before we begin

Let the ceremony begin!

Here comes the groom!

Time to pay respect as the Yoruba culture demands

Now, we await the bride

Here comes the gorgeous bride

Time to be sent to the groom’s family

A warm welcome from the groom’s family

Time to meet the groom!

Sealed with a ring

Now Mr and Mrs!

One big happy family!

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love!

Here’s to beautiful beginnings!


Bride @funlola.odex
Groom @justmalikh
Planner @qmaravieplanners
Videography @technicalmagicmedia | @j.billion
Photography @mayor_tony
Decor @aemiesevents
Catering @spicychowcatering_ | @simplyelegantparties
Alaga @preciousbee_alaga
Palm wine @switvillecocktails
Drinks @moneilcocktail
Ushers @theproeventhostesshub
Security @folcorpsecuritas
Venue @psieventcenter

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