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Maddy & Terry’s Beautiful Love Journey Began With a WhatsApp Status!

The most beautiful love stories are the ones that show up without warning. Imagine just randomly scrolling through social media and boom… love finds you. Maddy and Terry are our lovebirds for today and we are so pumped!

Before we fast forward to the excitement of their nuptials, let’s hit rewind and go back to where it all began. Their love journey started when a mutual friend posted Maddy’s photo on WhatsApp and Terry fell head over heels in love. He connected with her and though they started off as friends, things evolved into something more beautiful that is now leading to the altar. When we say their pre-wedding photos will give you butterflies, take our word for it. These lovebirds glow with so much love and we are so obsessed.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Maddy:

Terry saw my picture on our mutual friend’s WhatsApp status and asked her for my number (he was feeling me too much to miss this chance 🤣). He ended up not texting initially but followed me on my social media platforms and we started vibing as friends , we started dating after being friends for a while. We had discussions on waiting to achieve certain goals before tying the knot in the near future. However, Terry popped the question way before; “why are we waiting ? Why not now? Those goals we can still achieve then when married so let’s take our relationship to the next level, let’s get married, Will you marry me?” I was taken aback and shocked. I knew we were planning to get married sometime in the future and all of a sudden this gentleman is popping the question. “My Happy place , My Miracle “ that’s how he describes me. I said Yes to him and by Grace here we are today. ❤


Bride: @itz_ maddy_o
Groom: @ma_hommiee
Photography @the._weddingmagazine

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