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Facebook Love to Forever Love! Martina & Joseph are Doing This For Life

It’s truly amazing to see people go from being strangers to becoming soulmates! All thanks to Facebook, Martina and Joseph got to know each other 11 years ago.

Love didn’t happen instantly, however, years after maintaining friendship and getting clarity about the next step, Joseph popped the question to the lady who had stolen his heart. Now, It’s all sparks and butterflies as the journey happily into forever land. We can feel the chemistry in their pre-wedding photos and there is no doubt that these two are head over heels in love! 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Joseph:

We met on Facebook in 2011 but never got a chance to meet physically because I didn’t know if she was the one. However, we kept in touch as friends and I observed her closely and prayed to God to know if she was the one for me. In 2019, I started having unexplained feelings for her but didn’t mention it. Instead, I was busy saving her photos from her status and I was enjoying her status updates… especially when she posted memes ( In my mind I call her Memes Queen).


The feelings became deep in 2022 and my heart yearns for no one else but her. I couldn’t hold myself back from finding a day to physically meet with her ( The thought of her wan finish me.) The first day we met was the day I went to meet with her parents with my intentions fully known to the entire family. Since then, the rest have been history with beautiful memories in it. 🥰



Bride @martina.ubeh
Planner @q_lizeventandplanning
Hair and Makeup @tesorang
Couple’s Outfits @esstyle__
Photography @damanis_photography
Photography @damanis_wedding
Backdrop @backdropers

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