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Mary and Anselm are Taking Their Sweet Love From The Office to The Altar!

Who says love and business don’t mix? We daresay sometimes, this is where the most beautiful love stories spring from. Mary and Anselm are our lovebirds for today and yes, it all began at work! 😍

Mary had just resumed a new role at work and little did she know that love was part of the full package. She met Anselm and the more they got to know each other, the deeper in love they fell. Now, they are taking their love from the office to the altar and we are so excited for them. The bright smiles and beauty in their pre-wedding photos tell a story of how smitten these two are. You will certainly catch yourself blushing as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Mary:

Our love story commenced in 2019 when I joined a new organisation as a customer support executive. As a complete novice in the professional environment, I dedicated myself to excelling in my role. At that time, I shared a desk with Precious, who was leaving the company and I was hired to fill her position. Subsequently, Anselm, a backend engineer, became my new office mate. Due to my interest in software engineering, I initiated a connection with Anselm, aiming to build a subtle relationship and gain insights into engineering. Despite initially appearing as a geek, Anselm proved to be welcoming and willing to teach me from A to Z.

During this process, a friendship blossomed, and Anselm, in his kindness, even provided me with lunch during breaks. This complimentary meal, especially as a newbie still finding my footing, was a financial relief, considering the distance I travelled. As our connection deepened, Anselm affectionately started calling me names like Sunshine and Angel until he eventually expressed his romantic interest. As a Christian lady, I requested time to pray about it, and here we are today. The past four years with Anselm have been incredible, filled with ups and downs and mutual growth. Reflecting on our journey, I am grateful for the tremendous progress we’ve made. Taking this bold step together, I envision better and brighter days ahead. Let’s embark on this journey, building our dreams together, Mi Amor.



Bride: @globaloiza
Groom: @anselmleo
Planner: @florah_signatures
Makeup: @rahnabeauty
Hairstylist: @meenabeautybar
Photography: @swale_photography

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