Hephzibah’s Walk Down The Aisle Was a Beautiful Walk Down Memory Lane! Enjoy The Video

The person who said “Old habits die hard” was probably not wrong after all. Imagine getting an opportunity to relive moments from your childhood with the love of your life. 😍

Hephzibah and her sweetheart, Damilola were both members of the children’s choir while growing up. She played the violin while he played the piano. Years later, they get to relive this beautiful moment at their wedding. Hephzibah played the violin as she walked down the aisle with notes from Damilola’s piano accompanying the melodious tunes. They looked absolutely stunning and their lovely video will make you smile.

Hephzibah shares;

“We both orchestrated in church in the children’s choir (he played the piano while I played the violin) and now we did again 15 years later”.

Enjoy the video below and catch more trending videos here.

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