Maryam & Muhammed met on Twitter 10 Years Ago! Enjoy Their Nikkah Wedding Photos

If we were to make a list of the best places to find love, social media will certainly be topping our list.  Maryam and Muhammed are the lovebirds in today’s sweet love story and they met on Twitter 10 years ago!

At first, it was all just random DMs and casual checkup calls for the pair. However, their relationship took a turn one fateful night in 2020 when Muhammed sent a DM to Maryam. They connected on a deeper level and knew they were perfect for each other. Now, it is a beautiful ride to forever as they seal their love with their Nikkah wedding.

They looked absolutely stunning in their outfits and it is beautiful to see them surrounded by so much love from their family and friends. Maryam and Muhammed are smitten and it is written all over their photos. No doubt, they are a perfect match!

Enjoy Maryam and Muhammed’s Nikkah wedding below and see their traditional engagement here

Their love story as shared by Maryam:

We first met on Twitter. I became active on Twitter during the 2013 ASUU strike and he’ll randomly engage my tweets and I’ll do the same. After a while, he sent me a DM and we got talking. Just little conversations once in a while, I can’t even say we were friends but we sha used to talk. He got my number and will just call me once in a long while. We’ll talk briefly until another 2 months or whenever he feels like and that was fine by me.

Maryam looks absolutely stunning on her big day!

He finally stopped calling me and at that time I had lost that Twitter account. I forgot about him until he texted me on Facebook one night in 2020. I’m hardly ever on that app but I went there that night and I saw a message from him. I wasn’t sure he was the one but I responded and then he called me and we spoke for about 2 hours that night and every day since then.

This sweet first look is giving us butterflies 🥰

Yay! It’s time for the Nikkah ceremony 🥰

Signed and sealed!

The second outfit slay we signed up for!

Let’s get the reception started!

May we have this first dance?

Cake as sweet as our undying love…

Let’s have the bouquet toss😅

It’s all fun from here!



Makeup: @tifaramakeovers
Stylist: @styleriche_
Asooke: @mademoiselle.nig
Gele: @tochi_gelecraft
Planner: @luminare_eventsng
Videography: @utopianfilms
Photography: @bayofarayolaphotography

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