Max & Sigrid Met at a Wedding & Now It’s Theirs! See Their Trad Video

African weddings are full of beauty, colour, and culture.

This Ghanaian bride, Sigrid, and her lover, Max tied the knot traditionally in the most beautiful way.  It was a pleasant display of culture and love. From the groom’s entrance to the #AsoEbiBella dancing in and then the bride making her way into the ceremony. She came accompanied by cultural dancers and her big aunties. The entire ceremony kickstarted according to the bride’s traditional rites and it was just so beautiful to see.

Here’s a little backstory of how the couple met according to the groom, my cousin invited me to Sigi’s elder sister’s traditional engagement and I was stunned by Sigi’s beauty and colourful Kente dress she had on. I quickly asked for one dance and it became a future love story for us.

See the full video of their traditional wedding below:



Videography & Photography: @team_nhyira

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