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Rocking a Red Look on Your Trad is a Sure Slayer Guide!

Your trad look doesn’t have to be boring.

You can decide to switch things up with the style of gele and channel your inner queen. That’s why we have this beautiful look for the gorgeous Yoruba bride who is ready to step out in red and step on necks. We love how they kept the overall feel of this look simple and stunning but yet unique. From the glam by Abuja-based makeup artist, Shinelx Makeover that focused on her enhancing her natural beauty. She kept it nude and natural with a little bit of gold glitter on the eye area. Then gele stylist, George Snip gave us that unique well-layered gele to complete the entire look.

If you are considering rocking red on your big day, then this one is for you. You can also check out more looks here.




Makeup: @shinelxmakeover
Belle@the_vanity_cam ❤️
Gele: @georgesnip
Asooke: @houseofasooke
Accesories: @bellezaaccessories_
Shoes: @la_veille_bridals
Beads: @zee_jewels
Henna: @amaryadotcom
Photography: @arshavinjohn

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