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A Sweet Mix of Love And Business! Mercy & Tunji Were Certainly #MeanttoBE

Yes, we know you’ve probably heard the saying ‘Don’t mix love with business’… but then, we say why not? After reading Mercy and Tunji’s sweet story, you’ll agree with us that the most beautiful fairytales can emerge from this blend.

The couple met at the beginning of a business venture and little did they know that it would yield them the greatest profit – love! They connected and soon theirs became a whirlwind of romance. Now, they are set to say ‘I do’ and are serving us a truckload of steamy chemistry with their pre-wedding hoot. No doubt, Mercy and Tunji were #MeanttoBE and we are absolutely rooting for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Mercy:

We met in Pendleton, Indiana when Tunji had just kicked off his IT consulting career with his very first client. Little did we know that this professional venture would be the beginning of our love story. As the project unfolded, Tunji made it his mission to cultivate a connection with me. Breakfast surprises and thoughtful messages became our ways of expressing unspoken emotions. Unfortunately, things never progressed. Fast forward two-plus years and destiny smiled upon us. Tunji, with unwavering determination, flew to Dallas, TX, where our shared weekend became a pivotal chapter of understanding and admiration.

With the depth of our connection, we decided to take a chance and embrace the challenges of a long-distance relationship. On December 27th 2019, Tunji asked me to be his girlfriend, and my response was heartfelt, “Of course!” In May 2022, I organized a birthday trip to Mexico unaware of Tunji’s hidden plan. Knowing my special skills for unravelling surprises, Tunji orchestrated the perfect proposal in the most unexpected location— amidst the vastness of the ocean, aboard a private boat. This was an extra layer of surprise as Tunji popped the question that would begin our future. Now, as we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, we are looking forward to a future filled with faith, community, realized ambitions, successful investments, and, one day, the joy of building a beautiful family of our own.

On our first official date, we visited Lucas Oil Stadium, downtown Indianapolis, where we toured the arena, grabbed a bite and talked. It was on our first date we felt sparks, our mutual love for family, and Tunji’s love for sports. We talked all night about everything. It was the perfect date! This day was a significant moment that led to where we are today. This memory is so dear to us that we decided to go back to where it all started by having our wedding celebrations in downtown Indianapolis. We are looking forward to bringing everyone together to celebrate our union and experience it through OUR culture.


Bride-to-be: @amarphane
Bridal Stylist: @styled.toat
Planner: @russell.wendell

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