Miata & Christopher are Set to Make Memories For Life! Enjoy their Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

Someone once said, we don’t find love, it finds us” and we can’t disagree! We’re taking in the sweetness of love with Miata & Christopher’s beautiful love story and pre-wedding photos.

The two met for the first time at Miata’s workplace and it’s safe to say that Christopher was hooked at first sight! The two launched a friendship that would later blossom into this amazing love tale we’re drooling over now. Their pre-wedding photos have got all the shades of love needed for a bright and beautiful day.

Enjoy all the beautiful pre-wedding photos and their love story as told by Christopher below.

Their love story as shared by Christopher:

I met Miata at her former place of work. She was so smart, gorgeous, calm and collected. I couldn’t get my eyes and thoughts off her. So I tried everything I could possibly do.

I remember a time at the office when I told her to listen to the lyrics of a song (famous). Those lyrics were exactly how I felt about her. As time grew, we got closer then I asked her out on a movie date and she agreed!

Only for me to get a rule book from her stating her dos and don’ts. 🤣🤣  That made my love for her colossal. So we had more outings, chills and our friendship grew stronger and stronger.

And finally, the last outing we had which triggered the relationship was an outing that would never be forgotten. We had fun, danced, gisted, went to the beach and made beautiful memories.

That was when we knew we were meant for each other. From then till now, I could never have asked for anyone better. Miata is God sent to my life and I will always love her. ❤️❤️



Bride-to-be: @mimie_tucker
Makeup: @isi_signature
Planner: @baylaconcepts
Photography: @jideoketonadephotography

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