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She Went To Save The Day But Copped A Ring! See Mife & Max’s #BNBling Moment

Now, what could be sweeter than getting a perfectly thought-out proposal? Getting it when you least expect!

We all love a pleasant surprise and this Mife & Max‘s story is getting us in our feelings. After their staycation was cut short due to an “emergency”, the only thing on Mife’s mind was saving the day. However, Max had other plans in store.

Through the help of Max’s younger sister, and a much-needed break from all their hard work during the Corona Virus peak, Mife and her all-time boo, Max, take a big step forward on their journey to forever.

Keep scrolling to read Mife’s sweet account of the moment.


I wasn’t expecting to be engaged this year, in fact I would say it didn’t cross my mind especially because Max told me that it was likely going to be the next few years, so I took my mind off it being anytime soon.

We had worked all through the coronavirus peak time and haven’t had a break throughout the year so we decided to take a week off in September, booked a hotel so we could be away from home and just really have a good time and get away from work more like a staycation.

On that beautiful day, we went for lunch as we have been doing all week and booked for dinner in one of my favourite restaurants to kind of treat ourselves. I was so prepared for this time off that I did my nails, bought some clothes and even did my hair.

I had dressed up ready to go the restaurant and booked my Uber when I got a call from Max’s sister @fashionseriesboutique saying she was at my house and I needed to come home immediately as she needed me. She is such an actor she was in so much tears. I was so worried; my mind imagined the worst! All I could think of was to get to her ASAP to sort out the situation and make her feel better. I of course told Max that we had to go home, holiday is over we need to go and be with her.

I cancelled my Uber that was to take us to the restaurant.  I had planned all week for this treat and it hurt that I had called to cancel my reservation while I headed home. Fortunately for me, my house wasn’t too far from the hotel.  At this point, Max was just like awww our date has been cancelled and he felt so bad or I thought he did

In about 3-5 mins I was home, I opened the door and saw a red gleaming light which looked like fire to me ( yes, I thought our home was on fire!) but it was actually a reflection of the “MARRY ME?” light against the balloons. I screamed, “Babe the house is on fire!!”  Oh silly me.


Max then said, Mife, we need to go in and see what it is, we opened the door properly but gently, as we entered the house, immediately my heart sank. I saw my friends @vickyymikel @sojemina @ettydale and @tee_yy  @fashionseriesboutique started screaming.  I was so shy but felt so much love, and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me, it’s been 7 years we had known each other, and it’s was finally happening, I am going to be a WIFE. A dozen happy thoughts flashed through my mind at once.
I said Oh my God about 50 times and was laughing hysterically while Max read me the most beautiful note.

It was a beautiful and well planned day, I am so happy I am going to be married to the love of my life who has made my life so easy since I met him

I would say I am truly blessed to have you as a fiancé.







Bride-to-be: @manierabydale
Groom-to-be: @maxi_nova
Couple page: @maxandmife


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