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Mobola & Lanre’s Love Was Spoken Into Existence! We’re So Loving Their Pre-wedding Shoot

The best love stories are those we do not see coming! When we start like this, you already know what’s coming. Yet another “Aww” rendering story. ?

Mobola and Lanre became buddies in 2019 and from that to something even more. But years before that was predestination – (A prophecy if you will ?). Mobola’s boss had teased her about his brother. However, not much thought was given to this as it was seemingly just a joke. But years down the line, a beautiful story has emerged and the two sweethearts, Mobola and Lanre are now well on their way to forever.

Keep scrolling to read their full love story. And see all the heartwarming photos from Mobola and Lanre’s pre-wedding shoot below:

She was teased by her boss eight years ago about this cute tall man who is her boss’ brother. Fast forward to 2019 – they got talking and became best friends. They had their very first date in Dubai. A meeting ground as he was coming from New York and she, from Nigeria.

It was a great meet… Three of his friends had to board the next flight from New York to see the cute damsel who stole the heart of their friend. The Pandemic happened and the wedding got postponed to 2021 and here we are now!



Bride: @omobolanle_id
Planner: @0208_exquisite_events
Makeup and Hair: @omobolanle_id

Photography: @Jopstudios

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