Nancy & James Rocked Isiagu for their White Wedding + their Love Story is Sweet

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When there’s something unique about the wedding, we are even more. The #Benjamins20 couple, Nancy and James had a beautiful ceremony to celebrate their union. This bride decided that for her white wedding she wanted something different and she rocked an Isiagu dress. Nice right? Well, it wasn’t just her, her groom and the bridal party also rocked the Isiagu for the day.

It isn’t just that, they shared their sweet love story and the bride shared the inspiration for the dress with us. Keep scrolling to see.


What inspired the Isiagu dress and why did you use it for the white wedding?

I’ve always loved Native attires and felt our tradition should be reflected and celebrated more in everything we do, including in our church wedding.  A national festival on arts and cultural values I attended in 2016 inspired me to rock an Isiagu dress for my white wedding.

If you could do it again, would you still go for the Isiagu dress?

 I would definitely go for it again and again. It was a dream come true for me. I hope in the future churches can open up and allow brides to wear what they desire as long as it is decent.




Here’s how Nancy and James love story started according to her:

While in school in 2014, I went to our departmental lab to check on somethings with my friend Dimma, and while I was peeping into the lab, Dimma called my attention out to meet someone (a senior colleague) she said that liked me. I turned and met James who was all smiles and we just had a brief introduction and chatted a little bit. A few weeks later, while I was coming out from my church, someone called my name and I turned around only to see James, he reminded me where we met and this time around we exchanged contacts. We began talking on the phone intermittently, and sometimes we went totally off the radar. We first became school friends, though he was that annoying school friend and unwanted adviser that always called to check up on me and to know where I was and what I was doing. I can remember telling my friend, that I’ll never date him cos he is so so annoying. (well what’s that they say again, about “never say never”).

In 2015, he became a bit less annoying, and from school friends, we became close friends but we found out that we were both also unserious friends, so the communication continued. In 2016, we became closer friends still with a little spice of unseriousness; May 2016 he asked me out to be his girlfriend. Still not so sure of him or his intentions, I rejected his offer. (My fragile heart needed safeguarding) But that didn’t stop him from calling or coming after me. We still kept talking daily, But after that day, he became so serious and tried to prove himself to win me over. In December 2016, after much conviction that my fragile heart was in a safe place, we officially started dating. He asked me to be his wife in June 2019 and of course, I said yes (didn’t even think of rejecting this offer) And today 1st January 2020, I’m officially and religiously saying “I Do” the Man of my dreams, the Love of my life, The Soulmate that sweet-talked me and fought hard to win my heart over. I couldn’t have asked for another.

For James, here’s how it all started:

I had always admired Nancy from a distance, but on a busy Tuesday afternoon in September 2014, I was presented with the opportunity to connect with her when I bumped into Chidinma and her friend (Nancy). Chidinma briefly introduced me to Nancy after which we exchanged pleasantries and parted. From that day, I began to observe Nancy closely. After a few weeks, we met in front of her church, exchanged contacts and got talking. Our communication was consistently inconsistent until 2015. In 2016, I had difficult times when I felt like my life was a thousand miles apart owing to my experiences at work; I never knew the windy detour was designed to make me discover something that I never knew existed. During that period, we were always communicating and we got even closer. My eyes were opened to understand that God’s using her as an instrument to perfect His will in my life.


With her, I felt like I saw God in a way I had never done before; during one of my lowest moments, He still blessed me, He still loved me and He wasn’t withholding. He was giving. At the point when I felt I least deserved something of worth. God blessed me with the gift of a woman -Nancy. On the 1st of June 2019, I asked her to be my wife and she said Yes! That’s the reason we’re here today to celebrate a beautiful beginning and trusting God at the same time for a beautiful future. She’s been a blessing as a friend and would even be more as a wife. She’s been more than a soulmate, there could never be another. I actually count her twice whenever I count my blessings!






Bride & Planner: @prisnanci 
Photography: @xtiansimagery
Dress & inner dress: @marveeofficial
Second Dress: @bibilawrence
Robes and Bridal party outfit: @stitches_by_esteshia
Hairstyling: @teyannasecret
Hair Accessories: @tophertonyjewelry
Cake: @xristeecakesandbites
Decor: @davis_event_palace
DJ @DjZizi1
MC: @iam_icebaba

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