This Bridal Shoot Focuses on Everything Natural!

Simple, natural and beautiful are the major keywords that describe this styled shoot.

These team of wedding vendors were inspired to create a look radiating simplicity and elegance and that they did so beautifully well from the very natural makeup look to the hair and even the freshly cut flowers in the bouquet

Here’s the description and inspiration for the shoot from the photographer, Usman Peter;

The inspiration was to create a bridal editorial based on the theme of simplicity and elegance for this bridal season. We wanted the images to reflect a simple and natural bride but yet still elegant.

To achieve this we opted to go with a plain muted colour seamless backdrop rather than creating
a busy set with lots of elements going on. The makeup was a fresh natural skin, soft bold eyes, and a natural eyebrow finish.

For the hair, we went for a natural, yet stylish look and kept the accessory simple. The bouquet was a bunch of freshly-cut colourful flowers to add that pop of colour to the overall look. We chose a princess bridal dress for the shoot because we felt it was in line with the vision of the shoot and the fact that it looked elegant and beautiful on our model.

And our model Obi Jacqueline helped tie everything together into one piece with her ability to emote that simple and elegant vibe the shoot was based on.

Belle: @obi.jacqueline
Makeup: @ufelimariam
Dress: @bridesandbabies
Hair: @1193_nhs
Bouquet: @hailyfresh
Photography: @peterusmanweddings |

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