Who Should Pay For The Wedding? Join Our #NewlyNearly Conversation On Clubhouse, Let’s Talk!

Hi there Fam!

So, we’ve got a couple of exciting news for you today. First off, we’re now on Clubhouse! Yayyy! ? Now, if you’re on Clubhouse, it’s most likely because just like us, you love to have engaging and interesting conversations. The second good news… We’re having a beautiful conversation today! Yes! Now, we know how wedding planning can get. All the running around, decision making and not forgetting all the questions that need answers. Questions like – who pays for the wedding?

Some say it’s the bride’s family. Others opine that it’s the groom’s family. There’s another school of thought that says it’s the couple! What do you think? Who should pay for the wedding? Join us on the clubhouse, let’s have a great discussion! You can join in here.


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