5 Reasons Why Wedding Videography is Absolutely Worth It

Hey family, I know it has been a while but I am super glad to be back. Of course, I’ll be sharing everything about wedding cinematography and videography.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and by my calculations, two pictures should be worth two thousand. How much more thousands of moving pictures? It’s priceless.
Some might think that to hire a wedding videographer is to incur an unnecessary additional expense for an already expensive wedding. However, while I agree that it is indeed an additional expense, I believe that it should be considered as more of an investment than a waste of money and here are the reasons why:

Weddings are Expensive

I know this seems counterintuitive but hear me out. Weddings are a big deal. Lots of sweat, grime, time and money go into the picturesque quality most weddings have. Why? The couple, and in some cases, wedding designer carefully sifts through numerous variants of each element before deciding on the perfect flowers and flower arrangements, the perfect centrepieces, the seating arrangement, decorations, the menu, the venue and a host of other things which cost a lot of money.

Unfortunately, the ceremony tends to slip by quicker than we would expect, and it is not long until the velvet blanket of the night descends, drawing the day to a gradual end. Usually, the bride and groom are so caught up in the excitement of the ceremony, they rarely get the chance to appreciate the products of their seemingly endless planning and spending. So here’s my take on the matter; since the couple is already spending so much on a wedding that they only partially get to experience, why not throw in a couple of extra bucks and get the opportunity to take in each element of the wedding when all the dust settles. The quintessential wedding videographer knows how to capture these elements nicely together to tell a great story.

Raw Details

Photographs often capture singular moments in time. These moments are often doctored as the subjects of the images take certain poses. On the other hand, videos capture the raw details and moments of spontaneity. The wedding videographer has a great eye for detail and is able to capture those candid and intimate moments – such as a loving look shared by the bride and groom, a hug between family and friends, and sometimes a tear shed by emotional parents. The wedding videographer captures the precious details that are often drowned out by the rushing tide of activities.


Big Moments

When you think wedding, you think of certain iconic moments that nobody wants to miss such as, the groom’s reaction as his bride walks down the aisle, the exchange of vows and rings, the passionate first kiss, the first dance, the bouquet toss and lots more. Wedding videos have the advantage of capturing sound as well, hence making the experience richer by transporting anyone who watches it to the exact moment when they can hear every sound just as it was on that day.



Wedding videos age like fine wine. They have the power to evoke emotions as rife as they were on the day of the occasion. As we know, marriage is not a bed of roses as there are rocky times even in the most picture-perfect relationships. A wedding video, at the right time, wields the power to rekindle the spark in a dwindling relationship as they remind couples of what it was like to be young and in love, as well as how far they have come since their wedding day. A few kids in, the couple can share a good laugh at how slim they were on their wedding day, or at the interesting gestures your family and friends made while the couple stayed enraptured by the idea of being newlyweds.

More importantly, life is transient. There is nothing as precious as footage of family and friends mingling at a joyous occasion to preserve the memories, voices and quirky dance moves of the people we cherish to outlive us.

You get to star in your own film

‘The world does not revolve around you” is a phrase we often hear throughout our lives, but a person’s wedding day is the one day that the world actually does revolve around them. For 24 hours, the couple is waited on hand and foot, while looking the best they will probably ever look in their lives, celebrating love with their family and friends. They get to live out their celebrity fantasies before being tossed back into the harsh reality of nine to five jobs. Who wouldn’t want that documented on video?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime ceremony, well…usually. But whether you do it one time or one hundred times, the sands of time slip between our fingers never to be retrieved again. While photographs help freeze moments in time, the efficacy of wedding videography lies in the opportunity to relive one of the most momentous days of a person’s life and I don’t know about you, but I think that is worth every kobo spent to capture the moments.

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