Pre-wedding Photos are not cliché ! Five Reasons You Should Have A pre-wedding Session

It’s so nice to be back to share important wedding tips ahead of your big wedding celebration. Today, we will be discussing a very interesting topic that couples tend to have different opinions about. What really is the essence of pre-wedding pictures.

Nowadays, people think pre-wedding pictures are just for social media and just for the hype. Some couples will say “Ah! I don’t need the hype. Don’t bother about pre-wedding pictures” while others always welcome the idea and say “I want my pre-wedding pictures to be very nice and to be on BellaNaija Weddings”.

Contrary to popular belief, pre-wedding or engagement photos are not cliché! Below are five important reasons why you should always have a pre-wedding shoot before your wedding.

It documents your singleness

pre-wedding sessions capture memories that you may never have again as single people! It documents your singleness, how you look, how you feel, how cute you both are! It’s priceless! After marriage, chances are that both of you would add weight and look bigger! So a pre-wedding session is important to document you as a single person as you approach the wedding day with your spouse.

It’s a good icebreaker

Having a pre-wedding shoot is a great avenue to meet your photographer ahead of your wedding day. I’m sure you’ll agree that it would be awkward to just be meeting your photographer on your wedding day when there are so many things to talk about! You need to be able to build a vibe and relationship with the Photographer before that wedding day so that you can create magic together! Capturing amazing pictures is not just the sole effort of the Photographer; it’s also for you as the Client. It’s collaborative work and some friendships is needed to achieve that! So, it’s important to have a pre-wedding shoot and get comfortable with your photographer.

It’s an amazing time to learn poses

Have you ever stood in front of a camera and felt so awkward because you don’t know how to pose? I hear a lot of brides say that they are not photogenic! Well that is not true at all. They were probably standing awkwardly or their emotions were all over the place. It’s important to have someone guide you into understanding your body, what style works for you and your spouse, that’s exactly what your photographer will be doing. The pre-wedding session helps you learn poses that fit your body and style. In fact, sometimes on wedding days, when we are calling some certain types of poses, you are already used to them because you have done them already at your pre-wedding. So the pre-wedding is important to learn poses, and help you build confidence around the camera. That’s the secret to those killer images you see on our website! By the way you can check us out here:
It helps you build energy for your wedding day
A pre-wedding session is a good way to learn what to expect on your wedding day and build energy for it. Taking photos can be stressful as people tend to hold their breath while the shutters are clicking! We

all do that! So it’s good to let your photographer photograph you before the wedding day. It would help you have an overall better experience on the big day.

It’s an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved one

Another good reason for a pre-wedding session is for you to spend quality time with your better half. The wedding day is a blur of so many emotions and activities. You may never have that private time that you want because everybody is talking to you, everybody wants to do what’s best for you, and you won’t have that close moment to enjoy each other’s presence together.
So it will be an amazing time to just get away from the world. We usually advise that you come alone with your spouse, except you want to come with your “ginger friend” that would give you some extra vibe. We are not so big on outfits because frankly speaking, it’s not about the outfits. It’s about you and your spouse, the fun and the emotions you exchange, the tingling love that bonds you, the pecks and the kisses that gives you the energy to keep loving! That’s all we are talking about. That’s the whole essence of life, isn’t it? Sometimes, our couples even prefer to pick their pre-wedding pictures as their frame, because it brings back all those memories of loving up and spending quality time together. Those 1 to 3hours gives you the intimacy that far outweighs the glam and the clothes!

You can watch our vlog here that shares the details of this write-up.

We hope these important tips will inspire your pre-wedding! We can’t wait to share those beautiful moments with you.

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    September 1, 2020 at 6:22 PM

    I am planning a sham wedding and would need pre-wedding pictures. Hope you wont mind taking the pictures since that’s your expertise! #kash

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