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David Met Nonye at a Fellowship & Knew There Was Something Special!

While some continue to argue that “love at first sight” is a myth, one thing we know for sure is that our hearts can tell when we find someone special. Today, Nonye and David are reinforcing our stance and filling our day with love and beauty!

The love birds met for the first time in a fellowship, however, nothing happened! Yes, you read right. However, love was bidding its time and in due course, it manifested beautifully. You surely want to see how it all played out – so keep scrolling.

Nonye and David are now well into their ever journey and we’re super stoked for them as we drool over their beautiful pre-wedding photos. Their chemistry and love are undeniable, and we bet you’ll love every frame.

Enjoy Nonye and David’s pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Nonye and David:

I’ve known Nonye for several years before I got to even say “hello”. We both attended the same fellowship; I joined around 2013 and liked to sit behind as I don’t quite like to be noticed. I came for service on this Friday in 2014 as usual. Then came in this lady who caused my heart to leap immediately. In my head, I was like “Who is this?” Such pureness in every sense. I literally could discern there was something here for me and could sense a lot of meekness beyond her physical beauty. I always looked forward to Fridays as I’d get the opportunity to see her, yet I couldn’t get myself to even say hello.  It was shortly after I was made a leader in the ministry. I kept observing her from a distance and can literally remember every time I saw her within those years and all the surrounding events. She joined the media department and was literally the most intelligent lady I knew. Mind you, I still had not said hello even after already being in love and discerning how precious she was. I was largely a shy person and wondered how I could land such a beautiful and sophisticated lady who I felt lots of people would also be interested in. Hence I decided to just focus on my studies.


Then came the evening of December 31st, 2019. I mustered the courage to finally establish contact on Facebook. The conversations were initially largely formal, filled with a lot of “Sir”. In my mind, I was like “I already love you please stop calling me sir, can you call me my love already?” Lol. The shocker came when I asked for her number so we could continue the conversation on WhatsApp. She offered to collect mine and chat me up instead (earlier in the conversation, I had told her how I had not been able to say hello for over 4 years). I thought this girl cannot be this nice, she just found the smartest way to not give me her number and end the conversation. I was shocked when I got a WhatsApp message from her several hours later. I tried to be slow and allow things gradually progress but I was uncontrollably in love and didn’t even know how to go about things sometimes. I wondered if I was being too forward but I already loved her and it was just impossible to hide it. I even applied for and got an offer at a new hospital so I could be closer to her. She needed some time and I had to continue being there as a friend as asking for any other thing would be a lot of selfishness. I had always been straightforward and intentional as to why I was there beyond just wanting to be her friend. Being a very smart lady, she took her time to vet and test my depth of passion and convictions towards her. You cannot imagine my joy when she finally said yes.

Like I said earlier, beyond the obvious beauty which everyone could see, she’s really precious and priceless. She has such purity in her heart and she’s a very honest person laced with a lot of wisdom. I can’t count the number of times I’ve sought her counsel on a matter and received ease. From the onset, I couldn’t have imagined doing life without her and I’m glad today and always that I had the courage to push through. I’m married to her now and it still feels unreal how that this precious gift is mine. Literally a physical expression of God’s love for me



Planner: @weddingsbyseaevent_
Hairstylist: @hairfreakbyjboy
Bride’s outfits@viandi_vogue
Groom’s trad outfit@b.u.g_clothing
Groom’s suit: @izora_lifestyle

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