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From The Instagram Explore Page to Forever! Here’s How Obianuju & Raymond Came To Be

It’s been raining sweet love on the beautiful streets of Instagram and Obianuju and Raymond have caught the love fever! 😍

Their beautiful journey began on the Instagram Explore page! How did that happen? You’ll need to keep scrolling to see how Obianuju narrates their lovely story. Well, they are now set to begin a lifetime of love and adventure and are blessing us with their gorgeous pre-wedding photos. Their joy is evident in each photo and you can just tell that these two are head over heels in love with each other. We are uber excited for them and we bet their photos and story will absolutely make your day!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Obianuju:

It was the first week of our famous Detty December in 2019 when I randomly saw a funny story on the Instagram Explore page. I responded to his story and surprisingly, he replied and was so sweet. We spoke and connected instantly, joked and laughed about a lot of things.

Fast forward to our first official date on 17th of January, 2020, he was extremely nice. I spent time with him and we had lots of laughs……OMG!! He wanted to take things to the next level but I was busy forming (meanwhile I really liked him lol women and our wahala). After several conversations, dates plus one or two friendly gbasgbos, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend on the 14th of February, 2020. Ever since then, it has been wonderful, amazing and beautiful, all thanks to God, myself and my sweet husband.


Planner: @eventsbysumptous
Photography: @tosinjoshweddings
Dress: @emeliajohnsonbrand
Makeup: @saint_reginald
Hair stylist: @zed_signatory

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