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Ferdinand was Captivated by Stephanie Right From Their First Meeting

Guys, love is so beautiful especially when you find the one who rocks your boat in a way no one else can.

You already know, we are about to hit you with a beautiful couple and sweet love story to accompany their gorgeous faces. Stephanie and Ferdinand are both ready to shower you with their love. The beautiful couple met at a restaurant where Ferdinand’s friends invited them over to their table and at that moment, he was fascinated with her and then he became captivated by her and now they are walking down the aisle to become one.

Okay, the bride-to-be and her groom, shared their love story and it is way better to read from them. So keep scrolling and have a good time reading through. While you are it, do check here for more.

Here’s how it all began according to Stephanie:

One Sunday afternoon in March 2015, Mena (cousin), Olivia (best friend), and I went out for brunch at a restaurant in DC called Alba Osteria. Many thanks to my friend Yade for recommending this restaurant! Little did I know that this day would be the beginning of a lifelong journey with my soon to be husband Fred, or as my friends call him “Uncle Fred”. As the three of us sat deciding what to order, one of Fred’s friends (Hi Cyrille!) persuaded us to join his loud group of friend’s sitting right next to us. After much coercion, we joined the large group of men and women, still very confused by the unexpected kindness we were receiving.

 Fred was at the table, the quietest of them all, but somehow he made the biggest impression. I will never forget this, there was a moment where Fred and his friends got up from the table to form a huddle (don’t ask me why lol) and he looked directly at me and pointed at me, making that gesture that implies I’m coming with him! All I could think was, “These guys are crazy!” lol, Needless to say, Fred and I exchanged numbers that day and we have not stopped talking since. He has treated me like his Queen every day since we met, so of course, I said yes when he asked me to marry him. Fred proposed to me amidst family and friends in Hollywood Hills, truly the biggest surprise of my life.

 I thank God every day for that brunch that led me into Fred’s arms. Fred is the most caring, nurturing, and passionate man I have ever met and it radiates to all those who come in contact with him. That is why my friends call him “Uncle Fred”, he just has a natural ability to make people feel at home. How did I get so lucky! God has truly blessed me with my personal person. He annoys me like a little-big brother, makes me smile like a best friend, and loves me like family. I am truly blessed and forever thankful. As we start this new chapter of life together, I pray that God continues to fortify our union and our home. I have the utmost confidence that you will lead our household down a path of unity and happiness. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you!

Now we read from the groom-to-be, Ferdinand:

Where do I begin? Roses are red, violets are blue. I thank God that I’ve found you! My story begins with God and prayer because without God nothing is possible. Deep down inside I knew he would provide me with a woman with a character that is beyond belief, a woman with amazing strength that leaves me in disbelief. This is a story of how truth found true love, and love is the truth. But first, let me continue where her story left off and I will make sure that I actually tell the correct version (coughs)! So, I was at brunch with a group of my friends joking and laughing as usual and suddenly we saw these young ladies (Olivia, Mena, and Wifey) strolling in. They were focused on their food but we refused to be ignored. I was thinking to myself, “hmmm”, but at that moment it was just a thought. My silence was definitely observation and curiosity. Yes, Cyrille had the “bright” idea to invite them over to our table, but that decision turned my curiosity into captivation.

 I found out that they were California girls and I was going to run away, but I decided to stay. We definitely did form a huddle but my mind was made up, regardless of any decisions that any of the other guys made. And as soon as my heart followed. Yes, I pointed at you, but that was only to let you know that you are mine (she definitely thought I was crazy) and I knew that decision was beyond my control and there were higher powers at work. Since then we haven’t been apart and I’m overjoyed that I found my angel on earth. I truly can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m excited to soon call you my wife, my partner, my forever. I look forward to the day when we can say “I do” because I truly do. I can’t wait to create wonderful memories, laughter, arguments (healthy arguments), and adventures with you! A journey that I wouldn’t do with anybody else but you.

Now, the bride-to-be shares how her man asked the big question:

My girlfriends and I made plans to attend the annual UIU convention in Los Angeles. We thought the convention would be a fun reunion since we are all originally from LA. Fred and I had planned to attend the convention together and also spend some quality time with my family that weekend. I had no idea that a bigger plan was underway! My sister and girlfriends made all the arrangements for our mini-reunion trip. They told me we were going to a private event in Hollywood Hills being hosted by our sister-friend on Friday night. I thought nothing of it and told Fred about the plans since he was supposed to fly into town that evening.Fast forward, I had no idea that it was all a grand cover for the most memorable night of my life. Fred and his entire family actually arrived in Los Angeles from Maryland a day early, unknown to me.

On the night of August 4, 2017, I arrived with my little sister to a mansion on Hollywood Hills, rang the doorbell, and there was Fred in a black suit. I thought he was on a plane! Behind him was a trail of candles and roses lining a path leading to the backyard and a skyline of Los Angeles. Pictures of us were placed throughout the room and our song was playing in the background. I was shaking like a leaf and was in a state of pure shock. The most amazing part was seeing my entire family and friends all dressed in white watching from a distance. It was just amazing! I don’t know how Fred planned such an elaborate proposal from across the US. My proposal turned into an engagement party and the whole weekend was filled with family, friends, and love.



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