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She Said ‘Yes’ To Her Church Crush! Enjoy Lola & Nifemi’s Pre-wedding Shoot

Yes, we know church is a place of worship but who would have guessed that worship sessions could also bring love your way? ๐Ÿ˜

Nifemi stole Lola’s heart right from the minute she saw him leading a worship session in church. She nursed this silent crush for months until one day, fate created an opportunity for them to have their first conversation. Since then, the connection between them has been seamless, leading them to a sweet forever journey. We’ve got their pre-wedding photos to drool over today and they are multiple shades of cute!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their Love story as shared by Lola:

In February, my friend, Layide and I decided to attend a worship event, ‘The Surge’ which was organized by our church’s youth ministry. This was our first time attending the event and upon entering, I noticed a handsome man leading the worship session while seated on a mat. Playfully, I thought, ‘All these fine boys are wahala abeg,’ but then reminded myself to focus on the purpose of being at church. After that day, I didn’t see him again for a while. Little did I know that it was just the prologue to a tale that would soon unfold. Come August, I slowly asked my friend David, who was part of the Youth Ministry, about my crush’s name and why he hadn’t been around. David wasn’t sure but guessed he might be out of the country. Later that month, the crush of my dreams reappeared in church, and my interest spiked up (lmao, he didn’t even know that I existed).

One Saturday, my unit head requested my assistance in picking up baby items for a new parent. I agreed to deliver the items the next day during the service and unexpectedly found myself included in a visit to the newborn’s parents. It turned out my friend unknowingly paired me with my crush and his close friend, Dami. On the way, they engaged me in their conversation (sweet guys), and there it was โ€“ first goal achieved wink. I attempted to analyse Nifemiโ€™s personality during our interactions on the drive. After the visit, he shared his doughnuts and drinks someone had given him, but I passed mine to someone else who desired them more.

Since we were in the same group, I got his number and sent a thank-you message, to which he replied with a ‘You’re welcome.’ Seizing the opportunity, I extended the conversation, mentioning that I had to give something to someone else (though unnecessary, it served as a conversation starter). And just like that, our texting saga began. Nifemi playfully claims I toasted him. What’s your verdict? Okay, fine, maybe I did nudged things a bit in the right direction. But hey, love stories are meant to have a touch of charm, right?โ€ฆ

Their Love story as shared by Nifemi

Puff Puff and Coke, the beginning of Forever…
One fateful day after church, the married people were renewing their vows and we, the single people were asked to stay back to manage some aspect of the service. I was in charge of ensuring people waited so I bribed people with puff puff and coke. Who would have known that this would be the beginning of an amazing story. I bribed her with her own palliative and she said thank you and texted me that night to say “Thank you” again and went on to say she gave hers out (it pained me sha).


But then, whatโ€™s a little pain to a lifetime of happiness? We kept the conversation going, declared our intentions over bubble tea and on the 11th of December 2022, we decided to start an amazing journey leading to today. I am grateful for the orchestration of our meeting, this could have only been God because I get to bribe you with puff puff and coke for the rest of my life.


Planner @lhevents
Photography @damimanuels

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