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Ulien Spoke #TheDavids19 Wedding into Existence! This Love Story is ?

Guys, we were immediately caught off guard when we read this beautiful story of how this couple met. We shared a picture a few days back on our Instagram with a backstory from the planner and it really had our family base talking. Ulien and David‘s love story is so sweet but before we read it, here’s the information that drew our hearts to them from their wedding planner Amber Ville Events:

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Wow, she spoke #TheDavids19 into existence. Planner @ambervilleevents shares – Ulien contacted me January 2017 that we should start planning her wedding by F.A.I.T.H(her exact words) that she will get married December 2017 (didn't take her serious tho ) but kept playing along *lol …She would send a mood board of what her dream wedding would look like ( At that time no engagement ring)We would visit places together (from venue, wedding dress appointments, to delibrating on hastags, theme of the wedding ) at a point i was like When you're serious and ready we can continue planning "She would smile and say I'm speaking into my future by FAITH" ⏩⏩⏩⏩ to 2019 #thedavidsaffair#TheDavids19 is a Reality. #TheDavids19 Photography @jobiphotography Assistant @photokulture Makeup @makeupkwin Styling @ulienoliver #BellaNaijaWeddings

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See why our hearts are melting. The bride, Ulien had been speaking what she wanted into reality. She not only spoke but also acted towards. Super dope.

Gladly, Ulien shared with us how she met David and how their beautiful union came into reality. Read all about it below:


I lost my mom in 2014, it was very crazy for me and I stopped going to church for a very long time. Fast forward to 2016 some of my spiritual brothers (Fanen & NUTTY Josh) came into town, They called me and told me that they were coming to take me to church on a Sunday. I followed them to church (This Present House).

When I got there, I fell in love with their choir and I decided to join the choir and to go back to serve God. My heart was re-dedicated to God and I started serving Him whole Heartedly. My Husband to be is the Guitarist in Church, truth be told, I never noticed him or any other person. Then one day, he approached me, he said ” Hi, my name is David”, I was like “okay I’m Uyobong” (my native name) and then he said “okay nice” and that he didn’t see me for a while in church. I told him that I travelled he was okay welcome back and smiled.

One day, after choir rehearsals, he approached me again and said “hello Uyo, where do you stay”, I said Surulere and he asked how I was gonna go home that night. I told him that I’ll look for a way and home or join someone going my route. He said he was so sorry, that he was going somewhere that and that he promised to be taking me home.

So we went from him taking me home after each rehearsal and Sunday services to becoming good friends. Between he also lost his mom too and it was tough with him too. He told me how much he loved his mom and how he has been unable to move on without his mom. He later asked me out. That he loves me so much and that I’ve been able to distract him a bit from his loss and that I’m his family now. We started dating May 2016, we got engaged on my birthday 14th December 2017 with the help of my friends.



Bride: @uliennn
Creative director/ Stylist: @Ulienoliver

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