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“It’s His Intentionality For Me!” See Ezinne & Emeka’s Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story

Finding someone who goes the whole length to bring you joy is such a beautiful thing that should never be taken for granted. Ezinne & Emeka are ready for the altar, and their love story and pre-wedding shoot are our top source of excitement today.

Ezinne and Emeka met through Emeka’s mother, While this is sweet, the situation was a little weird for both parties. But not for long. Love always finds a way. Plus, with this love story, we get to see that intentionality and patience go a very long way! You’ll see what we mean as you read Ezinne’s narration of it all. Their pre-wedding photos also have us blushing and admiring the bond that the lovers share.

Check out their beautiful photos and love story below.

Their love story according to Ezinne:

We met at a time when finding love was the last thing on my mind and I’m thankful every day that it came to me when it did. God really said, “here, have this. This one is for you.” My very own piece of heaven. It didn’t exactly start with sparks and fireworks because he met me through his mum which seemed awkward at first. 😂 Also because of where my head was at the time. However, his patience and intentionality drew me closer to him every day and it all felt right like the perfect timing with the perfect person. If extra was a person, it would definitely be Emeka. That’s what excited me the most about him.

He would go to the ends of the earth just to make sure you’re happy. I knew he was God sent when one day, I came home from work and he just pulled up all the way from the mainland down to where I was staying on the island with a trunk full of groceries. When I say it’s the intentionality for me, I don’t mean it lightly. This man actually left his work (if you know Emeka, you know how much he loves his job. He even forgets to eat sometimes 😂), drove to the supermarket and took his time to get all my favourite snacks and toiletries and stopped by Eric Kaiser to get me dessert. It might not seem like a big deal to most, but no one had ever done that for me before. So yes, I was utterly swept off my feet.

And so our story began. We went on our first trip together in February 2019 and we really got to know each other and spend quality time outside work and family interruptions. It was just us, and it was beautiful! The fact that he’s been my first for most of these things gives me an entirely different experience with him. He finally popped the question in September and I’d already known my answer would be yes months before then. I know we’d choose each other a million times over even through the good days and the bad days… today and forever because we’ve found each other, our perfect happy ending.



Photography: @ts.imagery_events

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