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Odey & Osy Went From The DMs To Happy Ever After! #Egoosy22

By now, it is in fact, no longer news that social media is one of the top places to find love, especially in this time and age. Yet, the thought of finding that one person who you get to do forever with amongst the millions of possibilities on the internet will never cease to send butterflies up our bellies!

Today, we get to drool over another beautiful couple whose love story began on the internet – Odey and Osy! Osy had slid into Odey’s DMs and it did not start a fire. You read right! The first conversations did not immediately translate into butterflies. But after a few more conversations and dates, a forever love began!

Now, Odey and Osy are ready to take it down the aisle and we’re super stoked for them. Their pre-wedding photos have us grinning with admiration. You’ll certainly love to take it all in yourself.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Odey:

My first interaction with Osy was over instant messaging, he sent me a happy birthday greeting and a follow-up message which made me consult my dictionary. I remember thinking to myself, “what a big-headed guy”. I googled him, and his educational credentials seemed quite impressive so I replied to his message. He eventually asked for my number and we had a video call during which I drew the conclusion that he was a cocky dude and I decided that I didn’t want anything to do with him. My decision turned out to be one-sided as Osy was insistent and kept trying to build a friendship.

I remember when I informed him that I was dating someone else, he was literally unfazed, he just said to me in the calmest voice, “call me when he raises his voice at you”. I guess you now believe me when I say the man was cocky AF. I didn’t call Osy when the boy raised his voice but he eventually got to know the “story” when we reconnected, we still laugh about it sometimes. It’s been an amazing friendship /relationship since then and I didn’t have to rack my brain when Osy suggested that we take our relationship to this next phase.

Honestly, he left me no choice, between the exquisite engagement he planned and the presence of Timi Dakolo singing sweet love tunes, the only viable answer was YES! In line with my initial opinion, I still maintain that Osy has a “big head”. 😁 But, he is not cocky, rather he is self-assured and with good reason. He is also the kindest, most caring, and most thoughtful person that I have ever met. Osy complements me so perfectly that sometimes I wonder how I managed without him for so long. When we are together, there’s no place else I’d rather be. And when we are apart, my head and heart are filled with thoughts of how we will make the most of our next moments together. I’m looking forward to building a beautiful life and family with you Osy, the husband of my youth.

Their love story as shared by Osy:

Dera’s beauty drew me to her, but her other endearing attributes strengthened the bonds of our friendship and planted the seeds of our love. She is caring, compassionate, loving and mature. I realise how blessed I am to have her in my life, and I love and cherish her beyond words.

I count down to our wedding day with child-like excitement. My excitement is not so much about the pomp and ceremony of the event (though that’s wonderful). It’s because after the confetti settles, and the DJ’s speakers fall silent, I’ll be starting a new life with Dera, my friend, the love of my life and the queen of my heart.

I know our union is blessed, and we have an exceedingly bright future ahead of us. A future filled with endless possibilities and manifold miracles. I look forward to this future especially because Dera will be a part of it.



Bride-to-be: @mrs_derah
Groom-to-be: @ositaabana
Planner: @tachiraevents
Stylist: @thestyleinfidel
Photography: @awgzzz

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